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Painter’s Guide to Color by Stephen Quiller
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Painter’s Guide to Color by Stephen Quiller

The premier guide to understanding Color for the Painter!  A republish of the original book with some updates, including a new Quiller Wheel page.

Softbound Cover:  retails $32.95   our price $29.95
Collector's Deluxe Hardbound Edition: 
   our price $34.95

  • $29.95

The premier guide to understanding Color for the Painter!

Softbound Cover:  retails $32.95   our price $29.95
Collector's Deluxe Hardbound Edition:    our price $34.95

Painter’s Guide to Color was written foremost with the painter in mind. However, weavers, textile designers, interior decorators, and commercial artists have all benefited from award-winning art­ist Stephen Quiller's innovative and accessible color theory tech­niques. Painter's Guide to Color will help you to train your eye to see and use color in exciting ways.  This is a republish of Painter's Guide to color with some updates, including a new Quiller Wheel page.

Includes the new Quiller updated Color Wheel which can be used by studio and outdoor painters alike.

Presents the Quiller Wheel system of mixing colors. Learn how to create any color imaginable with his 12 color palette and free yourself from needing to purchase and tow around premixed tube colors. Features a historical selection of master painters who have used color in inspiring ways. Presents a wide range of fundamental color theory concepts, including the value intensity foundation, harmonious and discordant colors, and how to use "grays" to maximum benefit. Plus, discusses the numerous painting techniques, giving tips about how each can be used to maximize color expression. Includes an innovative chapter on the emotional use of color, which features up to 14 ranges within each of the six major color families and lists the emotions in subjects that each of these colors can evoke. Displays six value-intensity charts of the primary, secondary and intermediate colors. This is the essential concept for thoroughly understanding color.

Stephen Quiller is an inter­nationally known painter and is a Dolphin Fellow and sig­nature member of the Amer­ican Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, National Society for Painters in Acrylic and Casein, Rocky Mountain National Waterme­dia, and Watercolor West.

He has received the 2018 Silver Medal and the 2014 Gold Medal of Honor at the American Watercolor Society's International Exhibitions as well as many other honors. Known for water me­dia and color, Stephen has written seven best sell­ing books on the subjects including Color Choices, Acrylic Painting Techniques, Water Media Paint­ing With Stephen Quiller, Painters Guide to Color, and Casein Painting With Stephen Quiller. He has created twenty artist instructional videos and DVD's on color, composition and watermedia. He has signature lines of watercolor, palettes and brushes produced by the Jack Richeson Company and has developed the Quiller Color Wheel that is used by artists throughout the world. Stephen's paintings have been on covers and the subjects of articles in many leading art magazines. He has served as a juror for most of the regional and international watermedia exhibi­tions and conducts a limited number of national and international seminars annually. However, he continues to spend most of his time painting on-lo­cation or at his studio in Creede, located near the headwaters of the Rio Grande in southern Colora­do. He aspires to capture the essence, the rhythm and spirit of the San Juans. He has painted professionally since 1972 and his works arc enthusiastically collected. He and his wife Marta live in Creede, Colorado and during the summer months run the Quiller Gallery where his works arc on view. To view his work and learn more go to

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